Divine Fits and Substitute Teaching: An Interview with Spoon’s Britt Daniel

1divinefitsSpoon is the epitome of a sure thing. Every couple years they release a new album of understated pop songs that, like clockwork, find themselves acting as the soundtrack for that year. Transference: 2010. Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga: 2007. Gimme Fiction: 2005. Hell, when Pitchfork recently did a piece on the ten year anniversary of Kill the Moonlight (2002), the comment stream was full of smiling tearful profound nostalgic proof that that album was just the right thing at the right time in the lives of a whole heap of people.

So when Spoon’s main man, Texas’ Britt Daniel, announced earlier this year that he’d be doubling it up with a new band, this one with former Wolf Parade and Handsome Furs songwriter Dan Boeckner, it was easy to wonder 1.) would this be the end of Spoon?, and 2.) is there any way this new band, delightfully named Divine Fits, could be as good? Well, to the first question, we have nothing to worry about (Daniel’s dedicated to Spoon), and to the second, only time will tell. With all this in the air, we rang up Daniel to talk his past life as a substitute teacher (no shit), alternate realities, why now for a second act, and whether Spoon’s still an Austin band.

Click here to read the interview.


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