Ice Cream Orgies, 80s Hair, and RoboCop 3: An Interview with Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Jeff Garlin

1jeffgarlinJeff Garlin may be best known as the philandering, amoral, accommodating best friend of Larry David on HBO’s amazing Curb Your Enthusiasm, but his career has featured much more than just being called a “fat fuck” by his noxiously endearing TV wife, Susie. For example, he’s done acclaimed voice work in Toy Story 3 and this summer’s ParaNorman, directed and starred in his own feature film, and written a book on losing weight and going green, not to mention doing improv-oriented standup for nearly three decades. We rang him up to talk his 1993 star turn (not quite) in RoboCop 3, sporting 80s hair on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the 47%, and ice cream-based orgies. A tip: when reading this interview, imagine Jeff’s answers in his voice—it’ll enhance the experience.

Click here to read the interview.


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