Artful Theft: An Interview with Writer Kristina Marie Darling

1kmdKristina Marie Darling may not be a household name, but those in literary circles know her as a small press dynamo, a prolific artist who has been putting out distinct and singular books at an almost unimaginable rate. Darling, whose most recent release, Melancholia, has been called “a lovely, tender book,” expands in fine effect her style of strategic omissions and the utilization of the unexpected ephemera of writing, things like tables of contents, footnotes, appendices, and the other oft-ignored elements that, when studied, can make for some pretty interesting reading in and of themselves. With Melancholia, as well as her other recent book, the stellar The Body Is a Little Gilded Cage, behind her, we rang Darling up to talk the art of influence, psychoanalysis, romance, and the importance of literature in an distraction-swamped culture.

Click here to read the interview.


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