Punchline Is Here

Punchline, a National Poetry Award finalist and a book Boston Review editor Timothy Donnelly calls “nothing short of a knockout,” is now available!

  1. Purchase at Amazon.
  2. Purchase at Barnes & Noble.
  3. Purchase a signed copy at PayPal.

Read brief write-ups about the book at CultureMap or The Austin Chronicle.

From the book’s official press release:

Punchline is built around quotes by Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan, Federico Garcia Lorca, and Shunryu Suzuki, and it aims to recertify poetry as not just a literary form, but a means to ask humanity’s largest questions, and perhaps even offer some answers to our most profound spiritual problems.  As Laurel Review editor John Gallaher puts it, “Between the infinity of the universe and the futility of small matters, along with the prophet and the fatalist, Punchline travels.  It’s a tightrope performance Nick Courtright is embarking on here…these are fundamental, open questions, and they anchor a wonderful book.”

Buy it and I’ll love you forever.


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