Breaking Bad, Law & Order, and Offending the Hell Out of Everyone: An Interview with Comedian Bill Burr

Bill Burr has been on fire recently. The incendiary comic is basking in the glow of victory, having just won the Boston Comedy Festival’s “Comedian of the Year Award,” with that, along with recent appearances on Letterman and Fallon, a second successful hour-long special, and a recurring guest spot on the much-loved AMC sensation Breaking Bad, meaning that, apologies to Louis C.K., there is room on this great green globe for more than one red-headed, truth-telling comic. Burr, who may not quite yet be a household name, is certainly on the upswing, and he’ll be performing some new likely-to-upset-someone material on his tour. To talk on this, we rang Bill up for a chat on virgins kissing, taking inflammatory words out of context, and his fifteen-second star turn on Law & Order.

Click here to read the interview!


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