A Great Record Is Just Around the Corner: An Interview with The Sea and Cake’s Sam Prekop

If you had to create a shortlist of the heroes of independent music from the 90s, there’s a damn good chance The Sea and Cake would be on the list. And if they aren’t, you should perhaps find a new list. The polished jazzy rock outfit is still crafting airy and squeaky-clean pop music nearly twenty years after their formation, and, without exaggeration, their newest output is just as solid as anything they did back when you were in elementary school.

Their newest album, The Moonlight Butterfly, is a economical work anchored by the brilliant ten-minute epic “Inn Keeping,” so we called up Sam Prekop, lead singer and acclaimed painter, to discuss the band’s career, splitting your interests, creating music in 2011, and finally writing that one great record.

Click here to read the interview!


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