Henry Rollins: World Traveler, Photographer, Ice Cream Man. The Legend on the Warrior Gene, the Costly Cure for AIDS, and Being Done with Music

Henry Rollins needs very little introduction. Chances are he’s caught your attention in one of his incarnations, whether it be his first wave of fame with punk pioneering head-smashers Black Flag, or his later endeavor Rollins Band, or with one of his many startlingly passionate spoken word recordings. And if he didn’t get your attention that way, there’s a good chance you’ll recognize him from one of his many television appearances or documentaries, or perhaps you are familiar with his work taking phenomenal photographs of some of the world’s least-known places? Either way, we thought it wise to catch up with the always-interesting Rollins .

The sprawling and thoughtful three-part interview discusses in part one his current responsibility to the world’s lesser-known corners, and his last “real job,” while part two addresses the likelihood of a Black Flag or Rollins Band reunion tour, and part three talks about the “warrior gene” and the ethics of gene therapy.


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